Our Green Initiatives

As well as our beautiful Pineapplefish homes, Mike and I also own other properties on Anna Maria Island . With all of these buildings, we have been able to fulfill a very personal passion; creating sustainable, compassionately developed green buildings, which utilize their environment such as sunlight (which is in abundance on Anna Maria) to support their functioning, such as hot water and electricity.  Not only do we want to help protect our climate and our Island resources, but we want to take a lead in the investment of optimum renewable energy sources and share and showcase our projects to help educate others, to support we hope a continuous increase in sustainable development for the future.

Here we share with you the 'green' initiatives we have undertaken already on Anna Maria Island.

BEACH BUMS – in 2009 we put up just under 5kW of solar power on the roof of Beach Bums at 427 Pine Avenue to see how effective it was at generating electricity for the store.  We invested just over $40,000. The installers, Solar Direct inc of Bradenton, believe this to be the first ever commercial photovoltaic solar installation on AMI.

PINEAPPLEFISH HOUSES  In 2010 we installed solar photovoltaic power and solar hot water heaters on 4 of our Pineapplefish homes, with the photovoltaic costing around $6/watt we put between 2.7 and 5.2 mW onto each house. These will be rebated as before and will help reduce the bills there by at least 40%.

GINGERFISH is our warehouse across the street from Beach Bums. We put up 102 panels, driving 3 solar inverters, generating peak power of 24 KW (54 Megawatt-hours/year) on the roof at Gingerfish at cost of $160,000. A lot of this power is used across the road at THE HISTORIC GREEN VILLAGE.

One of the benefits of putting in solar power is that whilst FPL costs will most certainly go up over the coming years, a big portion of our costs are covered by our investment and will effectively reduce the impact of FPL's increases. Effectively, the solar industry believes with power prices certain to rise, the amortized cost of Solar Electricity will come down to equal the price of Utility electricity within 5 years.

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