Anna Maria Island is famous for his magnificent sunsets, and it is impossible to come to the island and not discover them.

Anna Maria Island SunsetOur Pineapplefish home Limefish has one of the most enviable locations on the island, directly located on the beach at Holmes Beach with an outlook onto the Gulf. From here you can capture a sunset every night, with one never the same, and of which you will never tire watching.

From Limefish, a walk along the shore at dusk to the Sandbar Restaurant is a must. Here, you can enjoy a glass of wine, a cold beer, or a cocktail at their beach bar. Or enjoy a great meal from their extensive dinner menu, on their open deck, with some of the best tables being literally on the edge of the sand.  Every night the team host a competition with diners to guest the exact time of the sunset, with the winners receiving a complimentary bottle of champagne.

For complete peace and serenity, watching a sunset from Bean Point, is wonderfully romantic. Bean Point is our little island secret: a stretch of beach at the very Northern Tip of the island, and with very discreet signposting, it can be hard to find. If so, perhaps ask a local, to guide you to the little walk way on North Shore Drive that will take you through from the road to the beach that is Bean Point. It’s also a beautiful spot to visit for sunrise, and then to continue along the water south, to reach Rod & Reel and go and have a wonderful breakfast, while watching the early morning fisherman at work!

Bean Point is really magical and the sunsets are breathtaking. We thoroughly recommend you take a visit!