We only have a few weeks remaining in a couple of our houses for August and are now offering all late bookings for August, a 25% discount on the rental rate!

There is no evidence of Red Tide. Our waters are beautiful and crystal clear, and the weather is just awesome! Currently in the 90’s!

So, come relax and unwind on our beautiful beaches in July or August, and take a load off!

Limefish Availability:
August 17-24th

Mintfish Availability:
August 10-17, 17-24 and 24-31st

Lemonfish Availability:
Aug 10-17, 17-24 and 24-31

Cherryfish Availability:
August 10-17 and 24-31st

Honeyfish Availability:
August 3-10, 10-17, 17-24 and 24-31st

Plumfish Availability:
August 17-24, and 24-31st

For more information and prices, contact Liza at liza@satorealestate.com, or our team at hello@pineapplefish.com. You can also call; (941) 778 7200.
Fees applicable.